Electric moped.pdf

E-ROLL is single passenger two-wheeled, small, lightweight electric vehicle. Technical specifications allow navigating bicycle roads. The scooter does not require a license, insurance or vehicle registration - the small moped class is essentially equivalent to a bicycle. The design does not place restrictions on clothing, it protects against dirt and can be driven in a suit or a dress.

Electric moped.pdf

E-Roll visual identity is inspired from a modern retro style.
The goal is to achieve a timeless, simple and memorable form, which is a dominant L-shape. The objective of creating a moped with a smaller axel-width led us to a solution where the rider's legs are as close to the front wheel as possible. Differing from conventional solutions the front fork and frame connection is brought to two sides of the wheel, maintaining the necessary turn radius and creating leg space and also the batteries are located low under the feet to improve handling.

Üllar Karro
Üllar Karro is an engineer, designer and technologist who is familiar with the technologies and materials and have the know-how of sustainable production. He started as a designer in the end of 1980s.
In 1990s Üllar worked with a Finnish designer Ristomatti Ratia, which lead to a projects all over the world. In 2000 Üllar made a turn in his life and started to design EKO private modular houses. As of today in Estonia there are designed and also built 250 EKO modular houses. E-Roll is turning back to industrial design